Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Life being uncertain takes you through many twists and turns. Accidents can happen to anyone anywhere and moreover accidental death or injury of a breadwinner can create serious financial problems for the family and you may not be prepared for it. To take care of such situations Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited brings to you a “Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy” that protects you from all hardships of life.



Option 1

Accidental Death


Permanent Total Disability


Permanent Partial Disability


Post Tax Premium




Option 2

Accidental Death


Permanent Total Disability


Permanent Partial Disability


Accidental Hospitalization

Upto Rs 60,000 or actual whichever is lower

Accidental OPD

Upto Rs 30,000 or actual whichever is lower

Accident Hospital Cash Benefit

Rs 1000 per day upto 10days (1day deducible)

Family Transportation Benefits

Rs 25000 or actuals whichever is lower

Cremation Charges

                  Upto Rs. 5000 or actual whichever is lower

Child Education Bonus

10% of SI or Rs 100000 whichever is lower for maximum for 2  children

Post Tax Premium






















1. Accidental Death- Death due to a sudden, unforeseen and involuntary event caused by external, visible and violent means. Coverage limit is 100% of the Sum Insured.

2.Permanent Total Disability- The policy covers total disability that is permanent in nature-

  •  loss of the sight of both eyes
  •  physical separation of or the loss of ability to use both hands or both feet
  •  physical separation of or the loss of ability to use one hand and one foot
  •  loss of sight of one eye and the physical separation of or the loss of ability to use either one hand or one foot


3. Partial Disability- The policy covers the total and continuous loss or impairment of a body part or sensory organ, with the percentage of disability.

4. Accidental Hospitalization- Expenses incurred due to an admission in a Hospital because of an accident for a minimum period of 24 consecutive hours are covered under the policy.

5. Accidental OPD- OPD treatment means one in which the Insured visits a clinic / hospital or associated facility like a consultation room for diagnosis and treatment based on the advice of a Medical Practitioner. The Insured is not admitted as a day care or in-patient. Such expenses are covered in the policy.

6. Accident Hospital Cash Benefit- The policy provides a per day benefit for the specified period of Hospitalization due to Accidental bodily injury.

7. Family Transportation Benefit- Upon a death claim of the insured, the policy will pay towards the cost of transportation of the remains of the Insured Person(s) from the place of death to a hospital, Insured’s home, cremation ground, burial ground.

8. Cremation Charges- An additional fixed amount is paid towards the funeral expenses upon a death claim.

9. Child Education Bonus- If a claim is paid under accidental death or permanent total disability, then an additional benefit payment is made to the dependent child below the age of 19 years.




Entry age

18-65 Years

Policy tenure

1 year; renewal every next year

Policy offered to

IPPB Customers


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