Accident Cover

Life is full of surprises, good as well as bad ones. Accidents are not planned but accidental expenses can be planned. No one is completely safe on the roads, no matter how much care you take. While you can’t always avoid the accidents, but you can prepare your family’s future in advance from expenses or any disability occurring out of the accident.
An accident has a long-lasting impact not only on the person involved but also on his/her family members. The after effects of accident can be death, disability, financial loss, uncertain future of children whose parent/s had accident, expenses out of medical emergencies etc.
A group personal accident insurance is an insurance plan that provides accident coverage for a large number of people, collectively referred to as a group. Group Accident Insurance provides coverage in case of unforeseen events, there are several other benefits that come with group personal accident insurance. Purchasing a group accidental insurance is the best option for keeping unanticipated expenses under check.

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