QR Card

IPPB QR card redefines the way banking is done. It provides a unique, secure and convenient way to access your account without the hassle of remembering your account number. You do not need to remember your PIN/Password, as transactions can be initiated by using biometric authentication. You can do cash transactions, money transfer, bill payments, or cashless shopping using this card.

In case of a lost or stolen QR card, the money will still be safe in your account as each transaction is authenticated through biometrics. IPPB QR is easy to use. Follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Scan the code
  2. Authenticate through biometric verification
  3. Complete the transaction


             Front view of the QR card


              Rear view of the QR card


Features of IPPB’s QR Card


Definite account identity

A unique, secure and convenient way to access your account


Convenience in your pockets

  • No need to remember Account Number
  • Instant issuance and accepted across all IPPB counters and IPPB merchants


Secure & private

  • Biometric authentication
  • No PIN required


Simple and Affordable

  • Easy to use across IPPB mobile apps and counters
  • Expensive PoS infrastructure not required


Contact Centers

For support in case of loss or theft of the card, call our toll-free number or visit the nearest post office for support.

   Toll free number 155299

   Visit the nearest Branch “Locate us