Remittances & Fund Transfers

India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) customers can choose from a variety of payment options to transfer money to their family and relatives.

Customers can enjoy IPPB’s economic and hassle-free services for sending money anywhere, anytime, across India.

Immediate Payment Service or IMPS

IMPS is an electronic fund transfer service for transferring money to any receiver having an account in any other bank. IMPS facility is available 24x7 and the money is credited immediately. Hence, customers can use this facility to receive or send money any time, even during holidays. 

IMPS services can be availed through IPPB’s mobile banking application or by visiting the respective access point (Post Office) counters or by using our Doorstep banking services.

National Electronic Fund Transfer or NEFT

National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) is a nation-wide payment system that facilitates funds transfer. Under this facility, IPPB account holders can electronically send money to any individual, firm or corporate that has an account with any other bank branch in the country, participating with NEFT using account number + IFSC .

NEFT services can be availed through IPPB’s mobile banking application, or by visiting the respective access point (Post Office) counters, or by using our Doorstep banking services.

Real Time Gross Settlement or RTGS

IPPB also offers RTGS facility for high-value transactions; above Rs. 2 lakhs. Customers can transfer and receive money via RTGS, using their account number and IFSC code. RTGS services can be availed using IPPB’s Mobile banking app. These services are also available at selected access points (post offices).


In case of non-credit or delay in credit to the beneficiary account for a NEFT/RTGS Transaction, the customer can contact Customer Facilitation Centre (CFC) of his/ her Bank. Click Here to see the details of Customer Facilitation Centre of all member banks.

UPI (Unified Payment Interface)

UPI is a secure and easy way of making payments instantly and at any time through your mobile phone. It allows customers to send and receive money using their smartphones and virtual payments address (VPA) commonly known as UPI ID – it does not require any bank account information. Therefore, customers do not need to know the payee's or payer’s bank account details. Customers can make faster payments to their peers and merchants. IPPB offers UPI services through various platforms, including:

•    IPPB Mobile Banking app
•    DakPay app
•    MictoATM (Assisted mode)

Assisted UPI at Doorstep and Counters

IPPB has introduced the facility to all its customers to be able to send and receive payments through the Unified Payments Interface (UPI). To enable this facility, the capability of making UPI payments in an assisted model has been provided through our Micro ATM and CBS applications, which is a first of its kind in India. 
IPPB’s Assisted UPI enables the customers to transact using UPI without the need to download any UPI app or register through a debit card. Each customer would be issued a default Virtual Payment Address (VPA) id to enable them to send payments through the assisted UPI platform. The VPA would be generated for each customer through a batch generation process along with the account opening and will be communicated through SMS on the same day


Aadhaar Enabled Payment System or AePS

Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS) is a payment service that allows a bank customer to use Aadhaar as his/her identity to access his/her Aadhaar enabled bank account and perform basic banking transactions like balance enquiry, cash withdrawal, remittances through a Business Correspondent.


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