IPPB and POSA Linkage

The Post Office Savings Account (POSA)
POSA holds a significant place in fostering savings as it reaches out to the remotest part of India which has a limited reach of banking services. 
Some of the key features of a POSA are that it can be opened by cash only with a minimum initial deposit of Rs. 500. It facilitates easy account transfer from one post office to another with no lock-in or maturity requirements. POSA offers 4% rate of interest per annum. Click here for more information about POSA 

Linkage Process of POSA and IPPB Account
The IPPB savings account allows the customer to link the account with POSA. In case the customer opts for such linkage, any account balance above Rs. 2 lakh at the end of the day is transferred to the linked POSA account.


  • Customer must have active individual POSA account to link it with IPPB savings account.
  • POSA account can be linked at the time of opening IPPB account or post opening of IPPB account through Doorstep service or at the IPPB Access Point.
  • At the time of linking POSA account customer needs to produce his/her POSA passbook to GDS/Postman in case of Doorstep service or to counter staff at Access Point.
  • SMS notification shall be sent to the customer’s registered mobile number post successful linkage of POSA account.

Note: POSA linkage is not available with Digital savings account, However, applicant can link POSA account post conversion from Digital savings account to savings account.

Benefits of Linking the POSA and IPPB

  • Automatic transfer of funds from IPPB to the POSA when it exceeds the limit of Rs. 2 lakh.
  • If day end balance exceeds the limit, rather than rejecting the transaction the system will transfer the excess funds to POSA.
  • It is possible to transfer whole balance at a time from IPPB account to POSA account as it does not have maximum balance limit.
  • Customer can manage funds through IPPB mobile banking app with Sweep-in and Sweep-out facility. For Timings to avail this facility please refer to the Sweep Service Timings section below.
  • Account holder can withdraw / deposit cash via. IPPB savings account.

Sweep-in and Sweep-out Facility
Sweep-in and Sweep out facility enables IPPB customer to manage funds conveniently. Any amount above Rs. 2 Lakh will be swept out into the linked POSA account. At times, our savings accounts exceed the maximum limit and stays idle with interest benefit. Sweep facility facilitates easy transfer of funds (both automatic and manually) from account holder’s savings account to POSA account and helps account holder to earn higher interest.


  • No limits on minimum amount to be withdrawn
  • No extra charges for Sweep-in or Sweep-out facility
  • The sweep-in and Sweep-out service can be availed through assisted channels like Doorstep Service and Access Point besides the self- service through IPPB Mobile App
  • Single Sign-on for both the accounts on the mobile app to check balances.

Sweep Services Timings:

  • Sweep-in services are available from Bank-Begin of Day* to 11.00 PM subject to availability of funds in Sweep in account on all days.
  • Sweep out services are available 24*7 on all days.


Bank Begin of day generally starts at 3.00 AM however, exact timings may vary due to operational challenges.