IEM and Integrity Pact

Integrity Pact:

Integrity Pact (IP) is an important tool of preventive vigilance which is aimed at preventing corruption and ensuring integrity in public procurement. The Central Vigilance Commission is the nodal authority for the implementation of Integrity Pact in India. It addresses not only bribery, but also other corrupt practices such as collusion and bid rigging. IP is a written agreement between the Government / Government Department / Government Company, etc. and all the bidders agreeing to refrain themselves from bribery, collusion, etc. If the written agreement is violated, the Pact describes the sanctions that shall apply. 

Integrity Pact has a monitoring system which provides for independent oversight. The Central Vigilance Commission nominates Independent External Monitors (IEMs) to monitor implementation of Integrity Pact.

Name & contact details of Independent External Monitor (IEM) of IPPB:





Sh. Rakesh Jain, IA&AS (Retd.)


Mrs. Manisha Nanda, IAS (Retd.)