Premium Savings Account

Premium Khata is a variant of IPPB Savings Bank Account which is offered to customers who are willing to subscribe to the Premium account services and avail our value added services.

Key Account Features and Benefits:

•    Free Doorstep Banking
•    Free Cash Deposit and withdrawal 
•    Can be linked to a POSA (Post Office Savings Account)
•    *Cashback on Virtual Debit Card induced transactions. 
•    *Cashback on Electricity Bill Payment. 
•    *Cashback on issuance of Digital Life Certificate/ Jeevan Pramaan Certificate.

Pricing of Premium Khata Account:

Account opening Charges (Rs.)

New Customer

149/- (exclusive of GST)

Existing Customer

149/- (exclusive of GST)

Annual Subscription Fee (Rs.)

Annual Renewal Subscription fees

99/- (Exclusive of GST)



Annual Interest Rates Frequency of payout

Balance up to INR 1 Lakh – 2.00%

Balances above INR 1 Lakh & up to INR 2 Lakh – 2.25%



Click here to see the detailed Schedule of charges. Click here 

Call 155299 to avail doorstep banking services to open a Premium Savings Account with IPPB.

*Charges levied will be reversed post verification of the transaction. Benefits will be accrued within 90 days of a successful transaction.