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The following terms and conditions also referred as terms of use, govern the relationship between you and Indian Post Payments Bank (IPPB) herein referred as 'the site’ or 'the bank'.  Read the terms & conditions carefully before you use the site. By using this website, you agree and accept to be legally bound by the conditions set out in terms of use and our privacy policy . IPPB may update the terms & conditions from time to time and you are responsible for reviewing the latest version periodically.  Your continued usage of the site shall be deemed as conclusive acceptance of the current terms of use. Please do not use or access the website if you do not agree to the terms and conditions set out here.

  • I understand and accept that Indian Post Payments Bank (IPPB) maintains the website to provide visitors with information about its products and services and to promote communication with the bank.
  • I also accept that visitors are bound by the below terms and conditions and the changes therein that are updated from time-to-time.
  • I am aware and understand that all information, materials, products including but not limited to text, graphics, video, content, audio and photographs on the site is protected by copyright which is in favour of IPPB under applicable laws and general intellectual property law.
  • I understand and agree to be contacted by the bank and other entities with whom the bank has a joint agreement.
  • I agree that I will not reproduce, copy, sell, publish, re-distribute, display, change, transmit, transfer or exploit any information, materials, services or content that is available through the bank's website. I may download for my own personal and non-commercial use.
  • I agree to not use the bank's website for any unlawful purposes or in any way that may damage, impair or disable the website or interfere with usage of the website for others.
  • I acknowledge that any non-individual correspondence, remarks, thoughts or material posted by me will be dealt with as non-classified and non-exclusive. By transmitting or posting any correspondence or material to this site I allow IPPB and its affiliates to use, share, distribute, or post my communication for whatsoever reason.
  • I accept that all information submitted by me through this site is deemed as the property of IPPB and that the bank is free to use any of my concepts, ideas or techniques provided by me in any manner.
  • I agree that the hardware and software underlying the site as well as other tools and related software that are required for accessing this site are legal properties of respective bank, vendors and parties.
  • I agree to not attempt any modification, disassemble, reverse engineer or create a derivative product based on the hardware or software.
  • I agree not to interrupt or attempt to interrupt he operations of the site in any way.
  • I agree not to intrude or attempt to intrude into the site in any way.
  • I understand that not all services or products offered on this website are available in all geographical areas. I accept that I may or may not be eligible for all products and services offered by IPPB. IPPB reserves the right to determine the eligibility and availability for any product or service.
  • I am aware that IPPB's website uses cookies (small data files that store your website visits on the computer) for profiling visitors, storing visitor preferences, tracking visitor behaviour or analyze visitor on the banks website. By visiting the website, I accept and authorize the bank to place cookies on my computer or system.
  • I understand that IPPB is not responsible for the accessibility of content or other services on external third-party sites that are linked from the bank's website.
  • I agree that my access of hyperlinks to other websites on the internet are at my own risk and the accuracy, content, opinions expressed, and other links stated by these sites are not monitored, verified, or endorsed by Indian Post Payments Bank in any way.
  • I agree that IPPB will not be liable in case of my encounter with any virus or malware attack on their website.
  • Please proceed only if you accept all the conditions enumerated herein above, out of your free will and consent


  • IPPB means India Post Payments Bank and the same shall be referred to as 'the site' or 'the bank'.
  • User refers to the customer, non-customer, agent, agency, merchant or website visitor.
  • Personal information refers to the information obtained by the bank through its different channels like Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Doorstep Banking and Merchant Banking.
  • Bank website means the website of India Post Payments Bank:
  • Third-party product refers to the product that is offered by the Bank in collaboration with external organizations.
  • OTP refers to the one-time password and will have validity duration of predefined period.
  • KYC stands for ‘know your customers’ and refers to the various rules and laws issued by RBI for proof of identity and proof of address of the customers for availing and continuation of the banking services.
  • Charges or ‘service charges’ refers to the charges which the bank may levy upon the customers for a specific service or services. The Bank reserves the right to change the service charges at any time.
  • eKYC refers to paperless Aadhaar based process for fulfilling of KYC.
  • USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Services Data and refers to a payment service using predefined USSD codes by the Bank. 

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